Nordic movie releases coming to the UK in 2022

We take a look ahead at the exciting Nordic film releases planned to come to our screens for the remainder of 2022. Dates are current confirmed UK release schedule dates, and it’s great to see so much incredible content coming to cinemas, VOD and streaming platforms:

Compartment No6
Cinemas and VOD | 6th April

We will finally get to see the brilliant Compartment No6 when it gets a UK release after garnering so much accolade over the festivals last year and pushing close for an Academy Award nomination. Director Juho Kuosmanen’s adaptation of the Rosa Likom’s novel has picked up a lot of love especially due to its lead performance by Saia Haarla.

The Northman
Cinemas | 15th April

Now this might be a movie with a British director and filmed in Ireland rather than Iceland BUT The Northman brings us such an exciting cast bursting with Hollywood stars but also the likes of Claes Bang (The Square), Bjork (Dancer in the Dark), Gustav Lindh (Queen of Hearts), Ingvar Sigurdsson (A White White Day), and that is naming a few! So get ready for some bloody Viking action, and we are guessing something a little bit weird as it is Robert Eggers (director of The Lighthouse and The Witch).

Wild Men
Cinemas and VOD | 6th May

Kicking off a very busy May is the excellent Wild Men, a film that sadly had to be delayed after an unfortunate terrorist attack in Norway last year. We caught the film at Reykjavik Film Festival bracing ourselves for a bit of dark comedy, and we definitely got the dark comedy but we also got a whole lot of violence, stunning scenery of the Norwegian fjords, and some great cameos from Rune Temte, Sofie Grabol, and Katherine Thorborg Johansen.

The film’s lead star, Rasmus Bjerg, really is absolutely fantastic in this and we reckon will be a big hit for fans of Nordic cinema.

The Worst Person in the World
MUBI | 13th May

I don’t think we need to introduce this one anymore! With its cinema release in March it will then follow quickly onto streamer platform MUBI (which is becoming a firm favourite of ours when it comes to sharing some excellent Nordic titles) – so if you don’t catch the film in the cinema then make sure you do here!

The Innocents
Cinemas and VOD | 20th May

We still haven’t seen this one yet but are incredibly excited to catch it soon! Eskil Vogt (long term collaborator with Joachim Trier) directs this Norwegian horror that focuses on children who have picked up special powers – but don’t go expecting Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Aha: The Movie
Cinemas and VOD | 27th May

Aha are one of the biggest bands to come out of Norway and are still going strong since their global hit from the 80s ‘Take on Me’. This documentary goes back in time to chart the band ascending to stardom and the after effect it has had one them in the modern day, despite still touring! Fans of the band will find this an absolutely fascinating study from directors Thomas Robsahm and Aslaug Holm.

The Burning Sea

Cinemas and VOD | 30th May

Another movie added to our list – The Burning Sea comes out at the end of the month and is another Norwegian disater movie. Following with the success of the likes of The Wave, The Quake, and The Tunnel this time round it is The Burning Sea as a huge explosion on an oil rig creates absolute mayhem. Leading the rescue team is the excellent Kristine Kujath Thorp (Ninjababy) so we are sold just by her being in the cast!

I am Zlatan
Cinemas and VOD | 13th June

The first of two football films but this is a very different journey to that of Tigers, focusing on the great Swedish footballer Zlatan and his metaphoric rise to being one of the greatest football players in the world. The film narrates his challenging upbringing to later becoming one of the most successful Swedish footballers for several decades – we were lucky enough to be invited to a screening of this and let us tell you now it really is fantastic!


Cinemas and VOD | MUBI | 17th June

FINALLY! After being released practically everywhere but the UK Ninja Thyberg’s Pleasure will reach out screens after a very patient wait. MUBI once again are the heroes of the day bringing this much talked about film to our screens after almost two years doing the rounds at festivals!

Sofia Kappel puts in a stellar performance as young Swedish girl looking to break into the LA adult industry but is not prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Cinemas and VOD

1st July

Make sure you get this one on your calendar as it is has an absolutely fascinating performance from Swedish star Erik Enge. Here he is portraying Swedish footballer Martin Bengtsson, who at a young age had managed to be picked up by a prestigious Italian football side. This film is less about the football and a heroic rise to fame, instead, this is based on a true story that puts the spotlight on the enormous pressure brought on by such an opportunity and the effects it has on Martin’s mental health.

Look out for our interview with Erik which is out in May.

Cinemas and VOD | 16th September

Nordic Watchlist spoke with director Hanna Bergholm earlier in the year about her Finnish social horror, so read more about it there. We can’t wait for this weird and wonderful tale to hit our screens and hear what you all think!

Read our interview with the director and find out more about how the film concept came about who is behind the incredible creature effects – HERE

There will be plenty more coming our way in 2022 – the likes of Cop Secret, Speak No Evil, It Hatched, Beautiful Beings, and Pleasure – so make sure you check back to this list and keep an eye on our Social Media updates. Hopefully in the interim this should keep your calendar busy and get you excited for what is coming up next!

Feature by Alex Minnis

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