Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival 2022 – we look at the nominees in the Nordic Award category

Last year, the pandemic pushed the festival to online-only but this year it’s back in-person from 23rd March to 3rd April, as Copenhagen’s art hall becomes the HQ for CPH:DOX and the city’s cinemas host countless documentary films from all over the world.

We flew out there to experience the festival for the first time in-person, and we will again be covering one particular category – the Nordic:DOX Award…

The 12 Nominees for the Nordic:DOX Award:

(In no particular order):

  • All That Remains to Be Seen (Julie Bezerra Madsen / Denmark, Finland / 2022)
  • Daughters (Jenifer Malmqvist / Sweden, Denmark)
  • Behind the Swedish Model (Viktor Nordenskiöld / Sweden / 2022)
  • Karaoke Paradise (Einari Paakkanen / Finland / 2022)
  • Just Animals (Saila Kivelä, Vesa Kuosmanen / Finland / 2022)
  • Electric Malady (Marie Lidén / United Kingdom / 2022)
  • Light Upon Light (Christian Suhr / Egypt, Denmark / 2022)
  • Mr Graversen (Michael Graversen / Denmark / 2022)
  • No Place Like Home (Emilie Beck / Norway / 2022)
  • Tsumu – Where Do You Go With Your Dreams? (Kasper Kiertzner / Denmark, Sweden / 2022)
  • The Happy Worker (John Webster / Finland / 2022)
  • The Last Human (Ivalo Frank / Denmark, Greenland / 2022)
Karaoke Paradise

We will dive in and watch all 12 films and report back over the course of the next week. The festival is a great platform for the directors to showcase their films in the hope they will get picked up by distributors to open up to a worldwide audience.

Watch this space for updates! For more information on the festival, visit

The Happy Worker

Feature by Alex Minnis

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