Nordic Picks of the Month: MAY

Well May was the gift that kept on giving – after a quiet month in April, we had a huge number of releases to watch this month. We have picked out some of our highlights, and included a section at the end with some key Nordic news to update you on. Let’s dive in.


The Innocents | Eskil Vogt | Norwegian | Cinemas & DOD

It has been a long time since we have had such a reaction to a film, but Eskil Vogt’s The Innocents made sure that was going to change. From the opening scenes of seeing one of our antagonists pinch her mentally handicapped sister, to then putting glass in her shoe (and trust me that’s the tip of the iceberg but notably not all against this poor girl – a lot of other people suffer including a cat.

So, as you can gather from that introduction it is not for everyone –

This is a psychological film at the top of its game and it has garnered rave reviews. Alex also had the opportunity to speak to the director about the film and the pressure of casting the children who are the main focus of the film- you can read that HERE.

Wild Men | Thomas Dansekov | Norwegian | Cinemas & DOD

Earlier in the month we released an interview with director Thomas Daneskov and we have been preaching about this movie for some time – it has had a great reception here in the UK and for those that have not seen it yet can catch it on digital on demand now.

Rasmus Berg in the brilliant Wild Men

The Oslo Trilogy | Norwegian | MUBI

With the streaming release of The Worst Person in the World, MUBI have added Joachim Trier’s two previous Oslo based movies Reprise and Oslo August 31st. Though the films are not connected in terms of story, they are in terms of location – Oslo.

With the three films all on MUBI now, you can see Trier’s home city come to life in his three movies, spot Renate Reinsve’s cameo, and dance to Le Tigre! Haven’t got MUBI? Well we have been lucky enough to partner with them to offer a 30 day free trial to make sure you don’t miss out on these fantastic movies! Click the link HERE to sign up and enjoy an astonishing amount of wonderful world cinema!

Joachim Trier’s Reprise is out on MUBI now

The Burning Sea | Cinemas and DOD

The Burning Sea sees Norway release another disaster movie after the success of The Wave, The Quake, and The Tunnel. The Burning Sea ups the ante here as we head to the North Sea where something has gone awry with one of the many oil rigs out there – experts are brought in to figure out what is wrong including specialist sub-marine operators Sofia (the excellent Kristine Kujath Thorp) and Arthur (Rolf Kristian Larsen) who have to search for survivors. Things only escalate from there making this an exciting piece of cinema with a very clear message too.

TV Series

Threesome | Swedish | Channel 4

Threesome is the tale of a spontaneous sexual encounter one drunken night that leads to a journey of self-discovery and heartache for one young Swedish couple living in London.

Easy to watch 20-min episodes, we loved this romantic drama and thought the lead actress Matilda Källström was fantastic – read our interview with her to find out more about the series, and catch it now over on Channel 4’s All4.

Matilda Källström and Simon Loof think about their actions in All4’s Threesome

Clark | Swedish | Netflix

I don’t think you will ever see a Nordic series quite as bonkers as Clark, and if you have then please get in touch because we want to see that!

Directed by the excellent Jonas Ackerlund, Clark is six-part series that follows the exploits of the famous Swedish criminal Clark Olafsson. As it makes clear at the beginning, some of it is total lies, some of it is the truth, and who knows which is which but what is certain is you are going to be in for a lot of sex, violence, comedy, and just general carnage!

Watch a clip below to see what we mean – and be sure to read our interview with one of its stars Hanna Bjorn, who plays Clark’s long-suffering and loyal partner, Maria!

Clark likes to dive in a the deep end (Photo Credit: Nikola Predovic / Netflix)


May was yet another month filled with excellent book releases and narrowing it down to just the one was no easy task. The award however goes to the superbly talented Yrsa Sigurðardóttir who’s latest release, and the sixth instalment in her exceptional Children’s House series, hit the shelves.

Those who have followed the series to this point will know it centres on Detective Huldar and paediatric psychologist Freyja whose ‘will they, wont they’ relationship has kept us guessing for some time.

In The Fallout, for the first time we find them working in the same building and as part of the same team as they seek to identify the person responsible for what can only be described as a truly shocking murder. A dismembered body is found in the boot of a seemingly randomly abandoned car, and on closer inspection, the head is missing.

As the investigation develops it becomes clear there are links back to the disappearance of a young baby eleven years earlier; a baby that had been assumed dead for some time. Huldar and Freyja’s efforts to connect the dots take us on an gripping but at times very dark journey but one that is certainly worthwhile embarking on.

As ever with Yrsa’s writing, expect twists aplenty!

MUSIC | Soundtrack

We will try our best and promise that this is the final time we mention The Worst Person in the World (probably won’t be) BUT there is one thing to add about the film, and that is the incredible soundtrack! It is certainly perfect for this sudden bout of summer weather we have been having in the UK – so once you watch the film make sure you get listening for a variety of excellent songs.

In fact – we have put together a special Oslo Trilogy Playlist specially for you – where all the tracks from Joachim Trier’s three films are all in one place!



Well there is lots of news coming from Cannes and we are pretending not to be jealous at all about those attending, but one film that we have been hearing about a lot is Ruben Östlund’s long awaited follow up to The Square, Triangle of Sadness. It has apparently lived up to ALL expectations, receiving an eight-minute standing ovation, and winning the Palme d’Or award – which is the second time for Östlund who won it in 2017 with The Square.

Apparently both he and Woody Harrelson will team up for his next feature, whatever that is, but maybe it will be something about a circle? We have avoided all reviews of Triangle of Sadness as we don’t want anything to be spoiled for us – or you – and we can’t wait to see this.


A new Norwegian movie has picked up a lot of traction at Cannes festival following in the gigantic footsteps left from ‘you know what’, Sick of Myself sees the excellent Kristine Kujath Thorp (keep an eye on this lady she is a rising star) play Signe who develops a very unhealthy competitive relationship with her partner Thomas (played by Eirik Sæther). We are sold already.


And on the note of being sold, there was news of a new film starring the wonderful Herbert Nordrum and Asta August in The Hypnosis, where a couple of App starter uppers encounter some issues during the release day when one of them gets hypnotised to stop smoking but manages to lose all of her inhibitions…sounds amusing.


Away from the sunny climes of Cannes and over to Netflix HQ who have received news that they will be releasing a new Swedish film directed by the incredibly talented Fare Fares (Partisan). The film sees Alexej Manvelov (Stockholm Requiem) take his ex-wife Alma Pöysti (Tove) hostage so that he can get closer to his daughter, dragging a police officer (played by Fares Fares) along for the emotional ride.

The film will be released in 2023 and we can’t wait!

Fares Fares (left) directs and stars with the excellent Alexej Manvelov and Alma Pöysti

What is coming up in June?

June has some great titles being released so make some room in your diary for these titles – Of course there will be bound to be some more releases to come and we will keep you posted as often as we can!

  • Borgen: Money & Power gets a release on Netflix for the 2nd June
  • On the 3rd June the brilliant I Am Zlatan will hit cinemas (and later in the month Digital and DVD)
  • Baby Fever is a brand new series is heading to Netflix on the 8th June
  • Season two of the excellent Love & Anarchy is released on Netflix on the 16th June
  • On the 17th June Ninja Thyberg’s Pleasure is out exclusive on MUBI
  • Also on MUBI will be a Lars Von Trier Double Bill with The House That Jack Built and Breaking The Waves which will be released on 26th June

For more info on June releases see our article about Nordic films and TV shows coming summer 2022.

Quote of the Month

Well there has been some people who have said it is the best contraceptive film – like an audio visual contraceptive! I don’t agree but let’s just hope it doesn’t stop people wanting to come to Oslo, that would be terrible!

Eskil Vogt when asked about his new childhood horror film The Innocents – Read the full interview HERE

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