New Nordic horror films coming soon to add to your watchlist

It has been a great year so far for Nordic horror, and on the horizon is a new wave of even more exciting new Nordic horrors! Take a look here at what’s coming soon:

Sweden | Dir: Johannes Persson

This film has just had its premiere in Sweden and looks like a lot of fun. For a start it stars Sofia Kappel from Pleasure fame, and we are really excited to see her in something completely different. Here the film centres on a group of Instagrammers and social media experts who are assigned to help an old family business get back on its feet – there is just one small problem though; they find themselves stuck on a island where an ancient Swedish witch used to live.

”I’m still a bit shaken up by the fact that Feed is the no 1 in Swedish box office at the moment. With a low budget and seven weeks of shooting that I was convicted was cursed we managed to create Swedish cinematic history. It’s almost a miracle that we were able to premier it in the first place. We must have made a Swedish record when it comes to the post-production, everything done in less than two months

Johannes Persson, Director

Sometimes life as a social media expert isn’t always fun as these guys found out in Feast (Photo Credit: Peter Söderström)

Rotten Flowers
Denmark | Dir: Kasper Juhl

Kasper Juhl is a seriously talented guy – if he isn’t holding some pretty spectacular dungeon and dragons sessions or rocking out with his band (complete with making epic music videos), then he is directing.

His previous mainstream film was Moonfire, a phenomenal film charged with dread and sexual energy. So you could say we are pretty excited about his next film, Rotten Flowers, which stars his muse Mie Gren, and – friend to Nordic Watchlist – Josefine Lindegaard. Little is known about the plot except that it was part of an experiment where the story unfolded as they filmed it.

Josefine Lindegaard (Left) and Mie Gren (Right) try some forest bathing in Kasper Juhl’s Rotten Flowers

Denmark | Dir: Gabriel Bier Gislason

We caught this film at Fantastic Fest and we absolutely loved it. Here we have something a little different, Attachment is a romantic LGQBT dark comedy horror. The film fuses all of this together and the end product is a rather fantastic experience made by an excellent performance from its lead Josephine Park, who is supported by Sofie Grabol, David Dencik, and Ellie Kendrick.

Josephine Park (Left) and Sofie Grabol (Right) in Attachment

Denmark | Dir: Trine Piil

Don’t be fooled by Trine Piil’s adaptation of the famous Danish novel by Janne Teller – you might think that these young school kids all look too fresh faced and devoid of achieving anything too sinister when they begin to prove to each other what they are prepared to sacrifice to show who meaningful their lives really are. When things like guitars and hamsters turns to far darker requests which will leave you in a state of shock.

The film had its premiere earlier this year and we hope to see it make its way to international screens in the future.

Handling The Undead
Norway | Dir: Thea Hvistendahl

All we need to say is that Anders Danielsen Lie and Renate Reinsve are being united again after there phenomenal performances in The Worst Person in the World. This time around though we aren’t seeing them tackling love and life – no – this goes down a different route which is deemed more a horror and mystery. It is also based on a book by Let The Right One In writer, John Ajvide Lindqvist. We don’t need to know anything more – just take our money!

Renate Reinsve is back in Handling the Undead (Photo Credit: Morten Brun 2)

And these are just a few that are due to be released – other movies out there included Leave, Nightmare, and Viking Wolf.

But whilst you wait, why not check out some other new Nordic horror that is accessible to you right now – with Christian Tafdrup’s Speak No Evil over on Shudder and Eskil Vogt’s The Innocents which will be available on new streamer Viaplay from tomorrow (1st November).

Feature by Alex Minnis

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