Our Watchlist – January 2023

With the launch of Viaplay in October last year, it’s opened up a world of Nordic content that we didn’t have access to before – so the watchlist is long and ever-growing!

There’s also been some finds on Netflix and of course, Walter Presents, to bring you this month.

So, here’s what’s been on our Nordic watchlist this month – let us know in the comments section what you have been watching and enjoying in January.


Catch & Release | Viaplay UK

This series really did feel like going back in time to when Nordic Noir was beginning its assault on the world.

That’s because Norway’s Catch and Release has only a handful of faces you might recognise, but it’s not full of the same names we’ve become accustomed to, so it genuinely feels as fresh as its Northern Norway setting.

Various characters and storylines thread together over the course of the eight episodes, with plenty of twists and turns – some predictable, some not.

Whatever it was we couldn’t shake off the fact that this felt engaging and fresh – making it an excellent series to get stuck into in the height of winter! It certainly won’t please everyone with its slow burn story but we feel those Nordic Noir purists would really love this, so give it a look.

EXIT | Viaplay

One of our loyal followers put us onto Exit, and with the series finally being accessible on Viaplay UK we took the opportunity to get watching it, especially as it’s building up for the release of a third season (which we will hopefully see in the UK later in the year).

I think it’s worth mentioning that the four main characters in this story are absolutely the most disgusting, diabolical human beings you might encounter in a Nordic TV series, or any for that matter, mainly because we know that these types do actually exist. We can also confirm that when Viaplay’s ad said that this series made The Wolf of Wall Street look like Shaun the Sheep, they weren’t joking – at all.

The series follows four wealthy coke-snorting friends who have no regard for their families, their wives, or anyone but themselves as they make their way through their lives causing absolute chaos wherever they go, either to each other or the poor people who get mixed up with them.

The opening scene involves a prostitute losing part of her ear after a horny and enraged knife incident – this happens in the first 5 minutes – so let that be a warning for whether this is the show for you. We can’t wait for season 3 already!

Don’t be fooled by these smartly dressed gentleman – chaos is round the corner! EXIT is on Viaplay now


We got the opportunity to preview Walter Presents’ new Finnish series Helsinki Crimes which arrives this February. The series follows a team of police officers including Olli Rahkonen (pictured below) as Timo Harjunpää and his partner Onerva Nykanen, played by Olga Temonen. Also worth noting is the presence of the wonderful Alma Pöysti from Tove.

The series follows a spate of crimes over the summertime in Helsinki. Tough and unsettling storylines make it a gripping watch and we are always interested in fresh new settings, so summer in Finland is a new one to add.

Look out for our interview with the two stars in February!

Timo Harjunpää (Olli Rahkonen) sizes up what trouble is coming next in new series Helsinki Crimes on Walter Presents


Narvik | NETFLIX

If you go looking for them you will find quite a few Norwegian war films out there, with another to come this year titled War Sailor, and one available now on on Netflix called Narvik.

Narvik is a pretty impressive film with some incredibly tense moments blended in with the stunning scenery that Norway has to offer in this part of the world.

Where Viaplay’s recent film Gold Run saw the Norwegians getting together to stop Hitler stealing all of the countries gold; Narvik sees the country defend a vital source of material, iron ore, and in doing so delivers Hitler’s first defeat.

The film is directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg, who directed episodes of the excellent The Lørenskog Disappearance and also eleven episodes of the very popular Netflix series Occupied which he also shared the creator credentials.

So if a good old war movie is your thing then head on over to Netflix for this entertaining, based on a true story, thriller!


This Swedish romantic comedy is a feel-good film from Viaplay, in a fun format as it spans four years and is structured around nine different celebrations.

At the centre of the story is Klara (played by Lisa Carlehed) – a 37-year-old single nurse who is searching for love amid disasterous dating and her friends’ own relationship issues.

‘R.S.V.P.’ is a Viaplay original, bringing together some of Sweden’s hottest talents including its lead star Lisa Carlehed, who was nominated for Best Actress at Sweden’s 2022 Guldbagge Awards for ‘The Emigrants’.

Catch it on Viaplay now!

My Year of Dicks | VIMEO

Icelandic-born director Sara Gunnarsdottir picked up a Academy Award nomination for her Animated Short Film My Year of Dicks!

The short, which follows a 15-year old girl trying to lose her virginity in the 1990s in Houston. has been picking up a lot of love from the film festivals in 2022 and helped Sara and her team pick up an Oscar nomination. You might have even seen the great Olafur Darri Olfasson championing this one!

Find out more about about the director and the story behind the short film HERE. We have reached out to the director to tell us more about this incredible start of the year (watch this space).

Look out later in the week for our interview with the people behind two other Academy Award nominated short films!

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