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GUEST POST: Amelya Gold tells us about her Denmark inspired short film project and her passion for Nordic culture

This guest post is written by Amelya Gold, who has a passion for Nordic culture, and has produced her own short film ‘3 Ways to Say I Love You in Danish’. She writes about her influences for making the film, what the film is all about, and how you can get involved and support it.

Meet our guest poster – Amelya Gold

My name is Amelya, and I live in London. I have written a short screenplay, which is a romantic comedy with a Danish twist! It’s a supernatural love story about a soul mate connection (also known as “twin flames”). The good news is, since I started entering it into the film festivals, it has had some official selections. My next aim is to get this screenplay produced into a film, and I would love your support in this!

The Nordic region’s influence

The film will be a collaboration between the UK and Denmark; and the “happiness” concept which has made Denmark so famous for, is deeply embedded in this film. The arts and culture are a big theme of the film, which is how the couple in the film from 2 different countries could connect through. And secondly, the “happiness” concept in Danish society ties in with the main message in my film, which is to follow your heart. The Thor hammer from Viking culture has a symbolism of faith that can level mountains.

My film ‘3 Ways to Say I Love You in Danish’

It is a romantic comedy / supernatural love story, where a London-based musician realises she has a soul mate connection with a Danish film star, and is determined to meet him. The main message of the screenplay is: Have faith in your dreams, trust your instincts despite scepticism you may face.

Why this project is so important

1)    Soul mate connections are very real, and everyone needs a story they can relate to. This film will help people who are going through this to know they are not alone. For thousands of years, people who have admitted to any unusual experience have been ridiculed and persecuted, therefore they were forced to keep it to themselves.

We all deserve freedom of speech, and this film will help to bring likeminded people together. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or not, this film has a universal message to have faith in your dreams, and to trust your instincts despite any scepticism you face.

2)    I have always had a passion for Nordic culture, and this film will bring both of our countries even closer. As Denmark’s reputation for being one of the happiest nations, and with there being a surge in popularity in Nordic culture, such as in art, films, TV shows, design concepts, pastries, and so on; the very idea of there being a Danish love story will be exciting.

3)    The world has gone through so much over the last few years. Lockdown has led to people having serious depression from the isolation, separation from loved ones, loss of jobs, and many upheavals overall. The world has been a mess with all the wars and natural disasters lately. And on top of that, there are so many violent films out there, which feed into all this negativity, whereas my film will be positive and uplifting, and we definitely need this sense of hope!

Support my film

To support my short film project, please check out the GoFundMe link to donate:

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