Our Nordic Watchlist March 2023: Discover the TV series and films we watched this month

March is one of our favourite times of year as there always seems to be so much new stuff to watch, and it’s also our annual coverage of the Copenhagen Documentary film festival, CPH:DOX! This year we managed to squeeze in 10 documentary films (and are still searching through to discover more hidden gems).

The month started off by diving into some series’ on Viaplay which had follow up seasons released later in the month plus some fantastic movies. So here is everything we watched in March!


LOVE ME (Swedish) | Viaplay UK

With the second season of Love Me arriving in March we thought it was high time we got round to checking this series out and we were incredibly impressed with it. Its strong cast each put in a fantastic performance and it is clear that Josephine Bornebusch is as talented in front of the camera as she is behind it. Her chemistry with Gustav Lindh, who plays her brother, is particulary fantastic.

The series is truly a breathe of fresh air. If you too have wallowed in the darkness of winter or overdone it on the Nordic Noir, then try this for a refreshing romantic comedy. If you haven’t seen it yet then we really do recommend you don’t sleep on it any longer and get it on Viaplay now.

Pernille (Norwegian) | Viaplay

As we have set our attention on more rom com focused series it felt only right to finally start watching Norway’s Pernille (also known as Pørni) which had its third season arrive this month.

Much like the talented Josephine Bornebusch, Henriette Steenstrup takes the lead in the series but is also the series’ creator – it is clearly a formula that works and sees Steenstrup put in a fantastic performance as a single mother trying to balance her world with comical and touching consequences. A perfect combination with Love Me!

Thin Blue Line – Season 2 (Swedish) | Viaplay

The second season of the excellent Thin Blue Line lived up to all expectation and the perfect follow up to its award-winning first season.

The series picks up a little later from the end of the first with some new faces joining the team, new romances blossoming in the air, and a lot of new challenges to face off.

One thing that is great to see is that the tweets, which play an important role in this series, are in English now so you can understand what the public are saying about the struggling Malmo Police force. The cast are once again fantastic and in particular Gizem Erdogan (which comes as no suprise) and we personally thought Per Larsson was great in this season.

It is a stressful and frustrating ride and a good tip is to break it up with something light in-between (Pernille and Love Me are perfect to balance it with) – and be warned, there’s a shocking moment in the finale which will leave your jaw on the ground.



Somehow we didn’t get the chance to see Holy Spider when it was on the festival circuit so we patiently waited for its release through MUBI and the film did not disappoint. Directed by Ali Abbassi whose previous work includes Shelly and Border – not to forget that he also directed two episodes of the incredibly popular The Last of Us.

Holy Spider transports us to the holy city of Mashhad where there is a serial killer on the loose who is killing sex workers. A journalist arrives to investigate and puts her own self in grave danger to uncover who is responsible. But the killer is not the only person to be afraid of in a city full of misogyny.

Catch Holy Spider on MUBI now!

The Cake Dynasty (Danish) | PREVIEW

We had the opportunity to preview the new Nicholas Bro film, The Cake Dynasty, an extraordinary experience that bounces from comical, to heart-breaking, and then downright weird.

The film features an incredible performance from Nicholas Bro whose midlife crisis sees his cake factory owner fall for cleaner Zeinab, an equally spectaular performance from actress Bahar Pars.

We aren’t aware of any release dates yet but we hope to hear some soon.

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