New Nordic film and TV releases coming in April – on Viaplay, Netflix and Cinema

Check out these great upcoming releases in April that we think should be on your watchlist and get ready because there is LOTS to check out! What will you be watching?


Breaking Surface | Norway | 11th April

This is not a new movie but it is one of our favourites and certainly one worth seeking out if you haven’t caught it on Amazon Prime. Here we see two sisters (Moa Gammel and Madeline Martin) go diving in the stunning Lofoton Islands – only for one of them to get stuck under a rock deep in the fjords, with limited oxygen. Can her sibling save the day against all the elements? This is a great thrill ride and well worth a watch!

Hilma | Sweden | 14th April

Many have been very excited about the arrival of Hilma, which had a very short cinema release in the UK and they can now rejoice over the fact the film is finally coming to our screens through Viaplay.

Director Lasse Hallström (Chocolat) tells the story of Hilma af Klint, who is known to be both a Swedish artist and mystic. Lead by her curiosity of life and death, when her sister passes, Hilma meets a group of women and forms ‘The Five’ while studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Together, the group create occult practise to speak to the dead.

Lost: Those Who Kill Season 3 | Danish | 27th April

Darkness: Those Who Kill returns for season 3 at the end of the month. The new series sees Louise Bergstein (Natalie Madueño) take on a new case alongside lead detective Frederik Havgaard (Simon Sears). Using her profiler skills, the pair search for a killer who has many secrets. After Louise builds a friendhsip with the killer’s sister things begin to spiral out of control.

The series features some new faces including Alex Hogh Andersen who we will be speaking to later this month!

UPDATE: This series has been released on BBC iPlayer


War Sailor | Norway | 2nd April

This Norwegian drama was originally a film, which has now been split into three TV episodes. We see how the lives of two Norwegians sailors are affected when they get caught up in WW2 and end up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – all they want to do is make it home alive but will they achieve that?

The film has a great cast which includes the likes of Pål Sverre Hagen (Furia and Exit) and Kristoffer Jonner (The Wave and The Quake) with a supporting cast that includes Ine Marie Wilmann (Also from Furia and Exit)!

Norway have released a host of wartime films and series recently and this is another to add to that mix.

The Nurse | Denmark | 27 April

If one series was not enough for you then Netflix is capping the month off with another, this time from Denmark, and a perfect four-episode bingeworthy story that some might recognise if they watched The Good Nurse, which was directed by Danish director Tobias Lindholm.

But don’t go thinking that this is a Danish remake – very scarily this series follows a spate of mysterious deaths at a Danish hospital where new girl Pernille (played by Fanny Louise Bernth) suspects her very popular colleague Christina (Josephine Park) of killing their patients.

Are her suspicions right and if they are – will anyone believe her? Brilliant and terrifying – don’t miss this one and look out for interviews with some of the stars of the series later this month.

(L to R) Josephine Park as Christina Aistrup and Fanny Louise Bernth as Pernille Kurzmann in The Nurse. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

One More Time | Sweden | 21st April

For something a little different, Netflix’s new Swedish film ‘One More Time‘ sees Amelia (Hedda Stiernstedt) wish that she was 18 again on her 40th birthday – and then finds that her wish has come true. The only catch is that she is stuck in a groundhog day loop of that day.

This is some light and fluffy fun with a lot of heart – a perfect antidote if you have beeen absorbing too many Nordic dramas!

One More Time. Hedda Stiernstedt as Amelia in One More Time. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023


Mobile 101 | Finland | April

This story starts in 1988 when a small company called Nokia are looking to take over the world with their new mobile phone technology. Things get interesting when two lawyers are brought into an international court case with the US company Motorola, who are suing Nokia for patent infringements.

This six-part series is based on the true story of the mobile giants going head to head. Fans of 2022’s The Playlist might well enjoy watching how things unfold in this drama series.


Godland | Iceland & Denmark| 8th April

Hlynur’s follow up to the excellent A White White Day is the absolutely stunning Godland, which takes us on a journey into the depths of Iceland and of the human psyche as we follow Elliot Crosset Hove’s Danish priest (Wildland). The further he travels the more his mind begins to unravel losing sense of his purpose.

With screenings starting in the cinemas this is an absolute MUST to see on the big screen – we can promise you that Iceland has never looked more beautiful (and terrifying) in any other feature or series. You will literally feel yourself sucked into the landscape.

This could well be Hlynur’s masterpiece and already he has picked up awards for the film which also features the excellent Ingvar Sigurdsson (Trapped), Jacob Lohman (Where The Dust Settles), and Vic Carmen Stone (Holiday).

Sick of Myself | 21st April

Kristoffer Borgli’s debut finally comes to cinemas this month and we are huge fans of this dark comedy which features an outstanding performance from the brilliant Kristine Kujath Thorp, as well as Eirik Sæther who we spoke to last year when the film had its premiere at BFI London International Film Festival.

The film sees Kujath Thorp’s Signe try to compete with the attention her artist boyfriend – but takes it to a level that is too far.


Triangle Of Sadness | Out Now

Ruben Östlund’s multi-award nominated Triangle of Sadness has sneaked a release onto Amazon Prime so those of you that missed it in the cinema can finally get the opportunity to watch his wonderful new satire which is also an English language feature.

An absolute must to put on your watchlist but perhaps not while eating (or have just eaten).

So this month you are certainly treated to a whole host of incredible series and movies – we are particularly excited to see the release of Godland and which will certainly be in our Top 10 movies of the year!
Also look out for The Nurse on Netflix and a stunning performance from Jospehine Park. Which series or film are you most excited to see?

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