New Nordic releases for August

July came with the sad news of Viaplay pulling out of the USA, Canada, and the UK – just as we had worked with them to advise all releases coming to the player in those countries.

When the streamer will officially no longer be active is yet to be confirmed, so there is still time to squeeze in as much as you can before it disappears. With that in mind we have included the releases expected this month in case there is something you might have been desperately waiting for.

That aside, there isn’t too much else bar a return of some series’ on Walter Presents to save the day and one of the godfathers of Nordic Noir releasing their new novel!

Here are some new Nordic releases for August:


Ragnarok | 24th August | Netflix

When we mention to friends that we run this website, many will cite this series as one of their favourite Norwegian shows. It has been quite a hit and so the series is returning for its third season this month.

For those that have not watched the previous couple of seasons we won’t reveal any of the plot details and what to expect in the third season, but we believe this will be the final one!

Photo Credit: Netflix


These are the UK releases we have been made aware of – no dates of their release has been confirmed however (just take this all with a pinch of salt as things will likely change).


Regitze no longer speaks to her father, Jan. But when they both discover that Regitze’s mother’s dying wish was for them to follow the Camino de Santiago, the two set out on the 260-kilometre journey together.

Camino‘ is Viaplay’s first Danish feature film, directed by internationally acclaimed Birgitte Stærmose (`Industry‘; `The English Game‘; `The Spanish Princess‘) and starring Lars Brygmann (`Riders of Justice‘; `Borgen‘) and Danica Curcic (`The Chestnut Man‘; `Silent Heart‘) 


The socially awkward Lau goes on the traditional Man Camp with the provincial town boys to prove that he’s a “real man”. But, things get tricky when he develops feelings for another boy on the trip.

Created by award-winning 29-year-old director Jonas Risvig, this young adult drama is based on Risvig’s own experiences of growing up in a small Danish town. `One of the Boys‘ explores themes of sexuality, masculinity, bullying, and feeling like an outsider. It’s funny, heart-breaking, poetic, and an emotional window into hypermasculinity in small Nordic provincial towns. Selected for the Official Short Form Competition at Series Mania 2023. 


The new season of Viaplay’s award-winning Norwegian young adult drama `Delete Me‘ once again casts unsettling light on the pressures and adverse influences faced by today’s young people on social media.

Season one won two prizes at Norway’s Gullruten awards and the Short-Form Drama Silver Bird Prize at the Seoul Drama Awards, was a finalist for Best Newform Drama Series at the C21 International Drama Awards, and received a Best Drama nomination at Seriekritikerprisen. 


Nora is a successful, popular and happy young woman in her early twenties. She has just gotten her degree in journalism and is about to start her first job at a gossip magazine in Stockholm when she is confronted with a terrible diagnosis – she has cancer.

At first she tries to keep the shock news a secret from the world, pretending everything is fine. But soon she is going to need all the help and support she can get from her family and friends, in order to cope and stay alive.


Operation Napoleon: Frozen Conspiracy | 14th August

Signature Entertainment presents Operation Napoleon: Frozen Conspiracy, which finally gets a UK release for those fans of the book (and Darri).

Experience the heart-pounding excitement of this Icelandic adventure, in which a lawyer finds herself unjustly accused of murder, catapulting her into an international conspiracy that threatens her freedom.

Determined to clear her name, she embarks on a perilous journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding an ancient German World War II aeroplane before the CIA intervenes.

Starring an exceptional cast including Iain Glen (known for his role in Game of Thrones), Vivian Ólafsdóttir (Cop Secret), Jack Fox (Riviera), Annette Badland (Ted Lasso), and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Trapped), “Operation Napoleon: Frozen Conspiracy” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

We have had a preview of this and it is great Friday night popcorn fodder – go in not expecting too much and you’ll enjoy!


Enemy Of The People | 4th August | Walter Presents / CH4

Walter Presents is back with another new series – another from Finland, but this time a crime thriller!

Follow reporter Katja as she battles hostility, conspiracy, and powerful adversaries in a Finnish town. Accused of spreading falsehoods, Katja investigates the suspicious death of a football star and a cryptocurrency scandal that threatens to expose a web of corruption. Amidst the dangerous search for truth, she finds her life in peril as she unravels a gripping tale of intrigue and deception.

RIG 45: MURDER AT SEA S2 | 18th August | Walter Presents / CH4

Also out on Walter Presents is the follow up to Rig 42 (do not read on if you have not seen the first season as spoiler warnings ahead)!

After the police apprehend serial killer Petra (Lisa Henni) for avenging her brother’s death, a new mystery unfolds when a body washes ashore with her brother’s ID. Petra strikes a deal with the investigating team to return to the rig with them.

However, when she escapes, police duo Emma (Natalie Gumede) and Trevor (Ciarán McMenamin) find themselves in peril. Cut off from help, they must race against time to uncover the truth, catch the killer, and escape the rig before it explodes. Is Petra the culprit again, or is there another murderer among them? The stakes have never been higher in this deadly cat-and-mouse game.


Mirror Image by Gunnar Staalesen | Orenda Books | 31st August

Fans of Nordic Noir will be delighted to see the return of Gunnar Staalesen and his new book Mirror Image.

In “Mirror Image,” Bergen Private Investigator Varg Veum faces an intriguing conundrum as two disparate cases intersect. A secretive lawyer enlists Varg’s help in locating her missing sister and husband, who vanished without a trace.

Simultaneously, a mysterious ship approaches the Norwegian coast, prompting authorities to seek answers about its unknown cargo. As Varg delves into the investigations, he uncovers eerie connections to a past tragedy where star-crossed lovers supposedly committed suicide.

The entangled web of toxic waste, illegal immigrants, and love draws Varg into a complex and chilling story of revenge. As history seems poised to repeat itself, the stakes rise to terrifying heights. In this thought-provoking and thrilling tale, author Staalesen weaves a dark narrative of love, revenge, and unnerving twists.



Curzon are releasing a very exciting limited edition collection of the great Ruben Östlund back catalogue of feature films and shorts. Along with tons of additional extras including; New masterclass and interviews with Ruben Östlund, interviews, making of videos, featurettes, casting tapes and theatrical trailers. For fans of the maverick director this is an absolute must!

This is a limited edition collection of 1000 numbered copies and also includes a specially-created card game endorsed by the filmmaker himself! We have already ordered our copy.

Follow the link HERE to find out more about the Blu-ray and where you can purchase it.

So for those trying to pack in as much as you can on Viaplay – there are some more series to catch. For others that rely on the trusty Walter Presents, you’ll be happy to see some new Nordic additions; Ragnarok’s return on Netflix, and for those into their more physical media then there is this fantastic collection from Curzon and a new book to pre-order all ready for the autumn!

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