BBC releases Danish drama ‘The Investigation’ – hear from lead actor Søren Malling

New Danish series The Investigation started on Friday Jan 22nd on BBC 2 – and you can binge all 6 episodes now on iPlayer.

The series is a drama based on the real-life investigation into the mysterious disappearance and death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall in 2017. Leading the investigation is head of homicide, Jens Moller Jensen, played by one of Denmark’s best known actors, Soren Malling.

The story is told through Jens eyes which gives it an interesting and unique angle. The episodes are well-paced as we go on the emotional journey with Jens and his team as they try to unravel what happened, gather enough evidence to prove a case, keep a distraught family updated on proceedings, and juggle their own family and relationship commitments. What really happened to Kim that night and why? The answer is harrowing and compelling viewing.

We spoke to Soren to get a glimpse into his thoughts behind taking on the role, what he has planned next, and what he’s been watching lately.

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The Investigation brings crime drama to real life – did you feel any pressure taking on the role of Jens Moller Jensen and telling this true story?

I didn’t feel more pressure working on a role copied from real life. On the contrary, I found it a lot easier because I then had a lot more inspiration to choose from.

The series covers such a notorious incident that happened in Denmark, did it help to tackle the delicate subject matter with familiar faces alongside you in the cast?

The best starting point is always a good script, a good director, talented colleagues and of course your own desire and appetite for the task.

This case seems particularly emotional for those involved – including the investigator – would you say that this was one of the most challenging roles in your career?

In many ways this was my most important task. It was big and it got a lot of attention, and my own ambition was also very high. But in all modesty, I think it went very well.

Søren Malling sees himself reunited with actor Pilou Asbæk in The Investigation

How does it feel to learn that HBO has picked up the series to share with an American audience?

My answer is very simple: It’s awesome. And I’m obviously looking forward to seeing the reactions.

What have you got planned for this year – any new projects to look forward to?

At the moment I’m shooting a bigger TV series, which will broadcast on Netflix. It’s a continuation of a previous success: Borgen. But as the rest of the world, I’m also affected by the Covid-situation, so it has been more quiet lately.

Finally, what was the last thing you read, watched, and listened to – any recommendations?

The last thing I watched was Gangs of London. I really recommend that one. It’s very tightly told, it’s violent in an incredibly aesthetic way and it’s visually very good.

Photo Credit: Nikolaj Rentzmann

We can’t wait to catch Soren in new episodes of our beloved Borgen! And we hope you go and watch The Investigation and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Interview by Alex Minnis

Images from The Investigation courtesy of BBC

One thought on “BBC releases Danish drama ‘The Investigation’ – hear from lead actor Søren Malling

  1. I almost fell asleep watching the first episode, its pace was so slow, but since then it has improved greatly and it is as gripping now as any ‘Scandi-Noir’ that is pure fiction. It draws obvious comparisons with The Bridge owing to its physical setting in the same location and the interplay between Danish and Swedish police (and Jens the chief cop has the same name as the perpetrator during the first series of The Bridge, who had been a cop) but the producers seem to have gone out of their way to distance themselves from it. Partly by having the relations between the two sides quite frosty, and partly by removing most of the ‘sympathy’ away from the police team. They move slowly, speak slowly and are often monosyllabic. And they lack any sort of sexuality. The absence of a Porsche and leather trousers helps, I suppose, The focus is instead on the victim’s family. They hardly got a look-in during any episode of The Bridge. As everyone knows how this ended in real life, or can look it up, it will be interesting how they sustain the audience’s interest. D Bentley.

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