Nordic Flavours of the Month: February

Well lots has happened in February and it has seemed to fly by! The raging winds and storms have kept us indoors binging television series and movies like they are going out of fashion. Here is what the team at Nordic Watchlist have enjoyed this month!

FLEE (Cinemas) & LAMB (Mubi)


Flee couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time. Only days before it was finally released in UK cinemas there was the news that the film had picked up three Academy Award nominations (Best International Film, Best Animation, and Best Documentary).

This in itself is a huge accolade, breaking history records for being the first film nominated in those three categories.

If you haven’t heard of the film yet then be sure to make time to watch it over on Curzon Home Cinema and learn about the story of a man called Amin who reveals a hidden past to his friend (and man behind the documentary Johan Poher Rasmussen) about how he got to Denmark from Afghanistan.

It is a powerful piece of film that will both haunt you and feel you with you hope.


Lamb, another film that many have been waiting for, has finally arrived on MUBI (who continues to deliver some absolute gems on their steaming platform) and we are so excited to head back and give this one another watch.

If you think it might have been spoiled for you, think again, this film has lots to offer and a perfect opportunity to go back and watch. Further to that is the stunning Iceland scenery!

The story? Well it follows a pair of sheep famers Noomi Rapace (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and Hilmir Snær Guðnason (Reykjavik 101) who discover something that changes their mundane lives, but there are consequences.

Cry Wolf

This slow-paced but tense character-driven drama centres around a family torn apart by accusations of parental violence from one of the teenage children. Who is telling the truth? Who is protecting who?

At times the series feels frustrating and as if not much is happening, but you can’t help but want to keep watching to find out how the story plays out, and it picks up pace towards the end. The performances are brilliant, particularly from Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl, and the tension that builds merely from looks and body language is incredible. Definitely worth a watch for investigative crime drama that gives us something a little different from the usual Nordic noir plot lines.

Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl plays central character in this drama, here comforting her half-brother in Cry Wolf


Unhinged by Thomas Enger & Jørn Horst

The much anticipated third book in the Blix & Ramm series hit the shelves earlier this month and what a book it is! If, for whatever reason, Death Deserved and Smoke Screen haven’t lured you in, rest assured, Unhinged surely will.

For fans of not just Nordic noir, but crime fiction as a whole, the Enger and Horst collaboration has been something of a breath of fresh air. The latest in the series sees Inspector Blix faced with what is undoubtedly his toughest and most personal challenge to date.

The book begins with the cold blooded murder of police investigator Sofia Kovic; a friend of Ramm’s and the roommate of Blix’s daughter, Iselin. The story then moves forwards four days and we find Blix and crime reporter Ramm being separately interrogated about a shooting; a shooting Blix carried out and that Ramm witnessed. But did he shoot the right man? Even he isn’t sure.

Throughout the first half of the book the authors expertly switch between the interrogation and the investigation itself creating a fast paced and intense narrative that keeps you well and truly gripped.

We soon learn that not only does Iselin’s life hang in the balance but that the key to it all lies in discovering the connection between several unsolved Oslo murder cases; a connection Kovic herself had uncovered prior to her death.

Expect action, expect emotion, expect twists – and dark ones at that!


døssing – all Inclusive

We spoke to døssing back in September and February saw the release of their debut album ‘all inclusive’ – an album that they describe as: ‘a narrative through the album offers an introduction to a marvellous hotel-aesthetic world, inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, in which both magical and mysterious moods and characters live’.

A narrative through the album offers an introduction to a marvellous hotel-aesthetic world, inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, in which both magical and mysterious moods and characters live

døssing on their new album – all inclusive

The album is a beautiful jazz piece that disappears into moments of other genres and then spoken word – it is a journey that is incredibly hypnotic and relaxing. Its concept of being that you are checking into Hotel ‘all inclusive’ – a perfection recommendation if you need some time to switch off and relax.

The album is out now on Blik Flak records.


BEAR THE ANT – Higher Times

A new track released on the brilliant playlist that our friends over at Nordic Music Review has created caught our attention and even more so with the excellent (and very trippy) music video. Definitely a band to be looking out for in the future after this excellent debut single.

Rather than show a calendar for what is coming out in March we have set up a whole new post which will be out on Monday – watch this space!

Feature by Alex Minnis & Marc Harries