Need a TV show recommendation? Here are some of our favourites still available to watch now – catch them before they’re gone!

Unusually, we are unaware of any brand new Nordic TV series out this month to watch in the UK. So we’ve pulled together some gems that are oldies but goodies and that are currently still available to watch in case they missed your radar or slipped off your watchlist.

One important thing is to not panic because in May we are about be bombarded by a number of Nordic movie releases, in fact we are about to be totally spoilt over the next couple of months – you can see what movies are coming our way in our previous post HERE

Caliphate | Netflix

Aliette Ophiem (Thicker Than Water) and Gizem Erdogan (Thin Blue Line) star in this incredibly tense thriller over on Netflix. Less Nordic Noir and more in the realms of perhaps Homeland, Aliette stars as Fatime, a security agent who gets a tip off that there is a planned terrorist attack in Sweden. Can she keep her informant alive long enough to find out how and when this attack might happen? Elsewhere a young teenager is attracted to a extremism group.

This is a great series that saw Gizem Erdogan pick up an award for her performance. We’ll next see her in the 6-part Netflix series all about Swedish mega company Spotify which is released later this year.

The Valhalla Murders | Netflix

Elsewhere on Netflix you will find the brilliant Icelandic series The Valhalla Murders, which had spent a brief spell on BBC iPlayer but soon got moved over to Netflix where it now resides. It is the perfect Nordic noir to immerse yourself in as two detectives get caught up in a series of murders each leading to an integral bit of evidence to reveal who the killer might be – but will they figure it all out in time?

Bjorn Thors (Katla) and Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir (Trapped) star as the lead investigators but as always with Icelandic series’, expect to spot a whole host of familiar faces.

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Twin | BBC iPlayer

Incredibly this series is still showing on BBC iPlayer despite being released a couple of years ago now – so if you haven’t seen it yet make sure you do before it disappears!

The show stars the excellent Kristofer Hivju, who plays the part of two twins with quite different lives that suddenly collide. When one of the twins’ wife’s accidentally kills her husband, she asks the brother to pretend to be him – creating all manner of complications and challenges. The show is shot in and around the beautiful Lofoten Islands so those of you who are fans of the stunning Scandinavian scenery, this series is perfect for you.

The show also stars Nanna Blondell and, at the time, newcomer Gunnar Eiriksson (who we thought was utterly brilliant) as the local policeman suspecting something isn’t entirely right.

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The Hunt for a Killer | BBC iPlayer

This true-crime series was one of our favourite picks of last year, along with the equally excellent The Investigation, which unfortunately is no longer available online.

Here we find ourselves in Malmo following a group of dedicated detectives as they try to solve a crime that seems to last for decades.

Be prepared for lots of chain smoking, phone calls, paper work, and frustration – that despite sounding a snoozefest is in fact totally engaging and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

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Monster | Walter Presents
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This series was one of the most watched on Walter Presents last year – we believe it is also one show that has left so many divided in opinion.

Our thoughts? We loved this series and all the quirkiness it brought making it a little more leftfield than the standard detective procedures – the cast is phenomenal and the scenery is stunning as the series takes us right up to the very north of Norway!

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When The Dust Settles | Walter Presents
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When The Dust Settles remains probably one of the best series we have watched on Walter Presents. It is such an incredibly well crafted narrative with performances from its character that are out of this world which makes the series an absolute must-watch if you haven’t had the opportunity to catch it yet.

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Feature by Alex Minnis