Nordic News and Picks of the Month: SEPTEMBER

September treated us to a lot of great new Nordic entertainment and culture – there were four new Nordic TV series for us to dive into, a couple of new film releases, and more. We share our picks of this month and where to find them.

In this feature we will cover:

  • New Nordic TV shows
  • Film releases
  • An exciting new book release
  • Hidden gems
  • Nordic news round up
  • Nordic film contenders for the Oscars
  • A new true crime documentary coming to Netflix that you don’t want to miss
  • And finally….a look ahead at what’s coming in October!


Snabba Cash Season 2 | Netflix

The second season of Snabba Cash is a no-holds-barred bingefest. On each watch we get sucked into the catchy theme tune and credit sequence, and impressed by its gritty storylines, action, and some really impressive performances from its cast.

If you haven’t watched the show yet that get straight onto fixing that and enjoy both seasons, available now.

Season 2 was released on 22nd September on Netflix.

The Lørenskog Disappearance | Netflix

This series sneaked onto our radar very last minute and without much notice – so much so that we reached out to one of the directors to find out more about the series and you can read that interview here).

We found ourselves absolutely hooked by this story based on true events in which a billionaire’s wife vanishes and Norwegian police have to must deal with the press, deceitful informants, and human biases, to try to find the truth.

Whilst we have read a lot of criticism about the ending, I think people need to be aware that this is based on a true crime which never got solved, so if you are expecting everything to be wrapped up for you this probably isn’t the series for you.

For those of you who enjoyed The Investigation and The Hunt for a Killer really should get watching this if you haven’t already.

The Lørenskog Disappearance is out now on Netflix

Find out more here:
Read our interview with the director:

Entrapped & Sisterhood | Netflix & Walter Presents

We haven’t had many Icelandic series’ recently – the last being Katla and The Valhalla Murders – and despite there being some great shows being aired in the country (Blackport, Black Sands, and yes we are still waiting for The Minister), it was a relief to finally get not one but two Icelandic series’ this month.

Entrapped, the renamed and final season of series Trapped, finally made it to our screens through Netflix and allowed us to see one of our favourite detectives in the most scenic of crime dramas (mind you Trom was pretty spectacular). The cast was loaded with lots of new faces and having Tommy Bo Laursen join the series as one of the bad guys was a stroke of genius.

Then Walter Presents added to the goods with the arrival of Sisterhood which was equally a thrilling Icelandic drama. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for our next batch of Icelandic TV series – they are clearly a big hit!

Entrapped is available now on Netflix | Sisterhood is out now on Channel4 Walter Presents


Speak No Evil | Shudder

Let us be very straight with you here – this film is NOT for everyone. Even the most hardcore of horror fans have walked away feeling absolutely mortified from watching this film, so don’t say we haven’t warned you.

Speak No Evil – Photo Credit: Shudder

If however you like your movies dark, and lets face it the Nordic region do a pretty good job of creating those type of films, then maybe give this a try but make sure you have a comfort movie or TV show to watch afterwards.

Unsure? Then why not check out our interview with the director and see a special film review from Stu Talks who makes his feelings very well known about us suggesting this movie to him!

Find Speak No Evil now on Shudder


My Hygge Home – Meik Wiking

Meik Wiking is the king of Danish hygge and happiness. Founder of the Happiness Research Institute, The Happiness Museum, and author of many books including the very popular The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living which was released in 2016.

He’s back with a new book My Hygge Home: How to make home your happy place. Our homes have always been our sanctuaries; but particularly since Covid times, and with the rising trend of hygge and interior design, our homes are more than ever a place for us to feel safe, be creative, and get cosy.

My Hygge Home explores the principles of hygge and Danish design, along with insights from his happiness research and how our home environment impacts happiness, emotions and wellbeing.

“We spend more time than anywhere else in our homes – but how they impact how we feel have remained relatively unexplored…but we shape our homes and they shape us…I am excited about exploring how to create homes where we not only live – but thrive”

– Meik Wiking

With practical tips on creating spaces, using home furnishings, and the right lighting, we can all create a happy place no matter the size or budget.

In classic Meik style, the book is also full of interesting stats and data, some Danish history and culture, and a sprinkling of incredibly funny humour. This beautiful book also includes photos and illustrations, and would make a lovely gift for anyone, (including yourself!), and I think this will be on a lot of people’s Christmas lists.

My Hygge Home: How to make home your happy place is published on 27th September by Penguin and priced at £16.99


In a new feature as part of our Nordic Picks of the Month, we are sharing some hidden gems that we have found on streaming websites. Many Nordic films get buried away and you have do some serious digging around – but we did the hard work for you and we discovered some gold.

This month we had another dig through Amazon Prime to find two fantastic hidden gems: first up is Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow. Those familiar with his name would remember him from last years brilliant (but bloody) film The Trip with Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie. Dead Snow is almost where it all began and sees a bunch of medical students take on some Nazi zombies.

If battling Nazi zombies isn’t your thing then how about the excellent Breaking Surface? Filmed in the stunning Lofoten Islands in Norway, this thrilling story follows two sisters whose diving trip goes awry when one of them gets stuck under a rock with their oxygen tank running low – can she be saved?


Copenhagen Cowboy gets a release date

Those of you excited for Nicholas Winding Refn’s new Netflix series Copenhagen Cowboy can now get a date in the diary for the series – 8th December 2022!

Copenhagen Cowboy is getting its Netflix release on the 8th December 2022

Nanna Blondell has arrived to HBO’s House of the Dragon

When Nanna Blondell shared pictures of her walking the red carpet for the House of the Dragon premier we were confused when watching the series she hadn’t seemed to appear in it. However, six episodes in we finally see her arrive in the series as the story jump ten years forward.

We are incredibly excited to see what the actress will bring to the popular series and so delighted to see Nanna get stuck into a big role in this hit series.

Photograph by Ollie Upton / HBO
Matt Smith, Nanna Blondell | HBO House of the Dragon Season 1 – Episode 6

Nordic films selected for Oscar’s entry

The Oscars are still a fair stretch away but already the Nordic regions are beginning to release which films they will be entering into the competition and we are incredibly excited to see some of our favourite releases we have seen this year included.

Here is what we know so far and please note that there are likely more to be entered soon:

  • Norway: Sick of Myself and War Sailor
  • Finland: Girl Picture
  • Denmark: Holy Spider
  • Iceland: Beautiful Beings
  • Sweden: Boy From Heaven
Alli Haapasalo’s Girl Picture is one of Finland’s entries into the Oscar’s race!

New True Crime documentary
Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case | Netflix

Though this series is not directed by a Scandinavian, the story that unfolds happened in Denmark in 2017 and involved the murder of a Swedish journalist; some of you may remember the reports of Kim Wall’s disappearance int he press at the time.

After the HBO series The Investigation last year, this new documentary film explores the story from various angles, and while fascinating, one can’t help but feel a discomfort being reminded of this tragic story.

Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case comes to Netflix on Friday Sept 30

What is coming up in October?

After a jam packed September it is a little quieter in October but there are still some really exciting releases incoming!

  • The Playlist – Six-part series on Netflix

    On the 12th October we see the release of The Playlist on Netflix – a series about the founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, and his journey to creating the music streaming platform we know so well today.
    It has a stellar cast and will be told over 6 episodes – let us tell you now that this could be contender for best Nordic series of the year! We were hooked!
  • Triangle of Sadness – Swedish film by Ruben Östlund

    The much lauded and talked about film from Ruben Östlund, Triangle of Sadness, will have its cinema release on the 21st October.
    We had the pleasure of attending a press screening and can confirm that is lives up to all expectations for those who are fans of the director.
  • Arctic Circle – Walter Presents series from Finland

    In the icy landscapes of Finnish Lapland, the blood sample of a woman in a coma contains a deadly virus, and a criminal investigation ensues. The first episode launches on Channel 4 Walter Presents on 24th October.
Get Netflix’s The Playlist on your Nordic watchlist next month (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Of course there are always other TV series and films that suddenly appear – to keep up to date with them please give us a follow at @NordicWatchlist over on Instagram and Twitter.

Feature by Alex Minnis