Nordic Watchlist’s Picks of the Month: March 2022

Nordic Watchlist’s highlights and recommendations from March 2022:


Snow Angels | Walter Presents on All4

We waited an incredibly long time for this show to come to the UK and were delighted to hear the news that Walter Presents had managed to get hold of it.

The story follows a mother who has woken up to discover her baby is missing and a whole mystery begins to surround the scenerio as the police investigate. Josefin Asplund takes the lead in this and puts in an incredible performance with a great supporting cast with the likes of Shanti Roney, Eva Melander, and Ardalan Esmaili.

It isn’t the easiest watch so you have been warned.

Josefin Asplund in Snow Angels


The Worst Person in the World | Cinema

Finally, the Oslo-based movie from director Joachim Trier seems that the entire world seems to have seen before us, has made it to UK cinemas.

Having seen a preview back in October and then watching it all over again at the end of March, we still feel the same way about this movie – it is absolutely brilliant and a must-see. Renate Reinsve won best actress at Cannes for her lead role, and the film was nominated in two categories at the Oscars, and the imagery from Oslo and key points in the movie are fast become iconic and imprinted in the hearts of 30-somethings everywhere. With stunning Oslo imagery and incredible performances, make sure you catch it in the cinema.

Check out our chat with one of the main characters Herbert Nordrum.

Finally The Worst Person in the World is in cinemas now and on MUBI from 13th May

Margrete-Queen of the North | VOD

March finally saw the release of one our favourite ‘medieval noirs’ which sees the great Trine Dyrholm as Queen Magrete, an integral figure in uniting Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in 1402.

However her leadership is threatened by news that her son, who was thought to be dead, but is in fact still alive. Is it really him or is there something more sinister happening?

The film has an incredible cast including the likes of Søren Malling, Jakob Oftebro, Morten Hee Andersen, and Magnus Krepper.

Black Crab | Netflix

Another film to hit our screens was Adam Berg’s Black Crab which was accessible through Netflix and tells the story of a team of people selected to skate across miles of ice to complete a secret military mission.

The cast included the likes of Noomi Rapace, Jakob Oftebro, Erike Enge, Dar Salim, and Ardalan Esmaili so you know are in for a treat, getting the opportunity to see these guys all in the same film together.

The imagery of the skating is quite spectacular and makes the film a unique experience from your average dystopian thriller!

Read our interview with the director.


The Doll by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Whilst not strictly a brand new release, March did see one of my favourite books from last year finally released in paperback form; The Doll by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. The Doll is the fifth release in the fantastic Children’s House series and once again features psychologist Freyja & Detective Huldar as the central characters.

The story begins five years in the past on what was supposed to be a quiet family fishing trip for mother Dísa and young daughter Rósa. When bringing in their net all that they find is a weathered doll, covered in barnacles and missing an eye. Rósa pleads to keep the doll and eventually gets her way. All changes that night when, in an effort to find the owner, Dísa posts a picture of the doll on social media. By the morning, she is dead and the doll has disappeared.

Fast forward to present day and Detective Huldar is involved in the discovery of human remains on the Icelandic seabed. Unable to identify them he draws on Freyja for her assistance. As the mystery deepens Huldar’s investigation extends to include the murder of a homeless drug addict and Freyja stumbles on potential child abuse at a care home.

It soon transpires that the cases can all be linked back to Rósa and the discovery of the doll…but how!? Well, I can’t give that away can I!  – MH


Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival

The latest CPH:DOX started in Copenhagen on the 23rd March and is world renowned as one of the most popular documentary film festivals in the world, with over 150 documentaries from around the globe.

Within the festival programme is a category called the Nordic:DOX Award, specifically for documentaries from the Nordic region, and we shall be covering all 12 films in this category.

Read more about our coverage of CPH:DOX.

Here are some of our other highlights from the month:

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Feature by Alex Minnis & Marc Harries