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Nordic Flavours of the Month: January

Well here we are in 2022 and already a month in and sharing our Nordic Flavours of the Month. This year, this segment will feature a few extra recommendations each month with the inclusion of books, music videos, and albums, along with the usual film and TV recommendations. So here’s what we’ve been enjoying this […]

Nordic New Music: Denmark’s Lasse Matthiessen

The first piece of Lasse’s music I discovered was the beautiful ‘When We Collided‘ – his voice was so unique and I totally fell in love with the track. It has been four years since the release of that EP but Lasse is finally back and following up his previous singles ‘Reed‘ and ‘Dancing With […]

Nordic New Music: Zöe

5 years ago Zöe travelled from LA to Iceland and fell in the love with the country. The emotional journey she has experienced in that time has been a difficult one and her new album Shook is made up of a lot of those traumatic life events. For those that may not have discovered your […]

Meet talented Icelandic musician and actress Elín Hall

When listening to the brilliant Kvimyndapod I discovered a film that I hadn’t heard of – Let Me Fall – the movie had been added onto Amazon Prime so I had an opportunity to discover. It is by no means an easy watch as the film tackles the horrendous journey of a drug-addicted girl growing […]

Nordic New Music: Siri Birk

From the beautiful west coast of Norway Siri Birk brings us her follow up album to the brilliant Songs for a Restless World – we speak with the singer about what to expect and how the album came about. For those that might not have discovered your music yet how would you best describe it? […]

Nordic New Music: Heidrunna

We speak to the wonderful Heidrunna as she releases her new single ‘Borderline’ – Heidrunna is an Icelandic singer who tells us about her influences and ‘Skandi pop’ sound. Further to that is some seriously top tips of places to visit in Reykjavik too – read on! For those that may not have discovered your […]

Nordic New Music: Icelandic trio Ateria

We are back again with some more Nordic New Music and this time around we speak to three relatives from Reykjavík who make up the band Ateria. The band comprises of Ása Ólafsdóttir on guitar and vocals, her sibling Eir Ólafsdóttir on bass, cello and vocals, and their cousin and youngest of the three, Fönn […]

New Music Round-up by Andy from Nordic Music Review (18Sep)

We are back again with another fantastic guest post from Andy at Nordic Music Review – he has some great recommendations this week to check out and also if you want to listen to more of his recommendations check out his playlist which you can find HERE. MIMRA – ‘Sister’ As always these updates feature tracks […]

Nordic New Music: Falkevik

We are over in Norway to hear from Falkevik a collection of musicians who have had their music described as: “Nordic melodic, riff based, edgy indie-jazz-pop”. Tell us who you are and what would be the best way to describe your music? We are Falkevik, a contemporary piano trio from Norway. Julie Falkevik is singing […]

New Music Round-up by Andy from Nordic Music Review (11Sep)

Andy is back to write us a guest post from Nordic Music Review giving us his tips on which new songs we should be checking out! GRO – ‘One Two Free Fall’  Friday was international World Suicide Prevention day, the aim of which was to ‘create hope through action’, so a good place to start this weeks […]

Nordic New Music: døssing

The nights are beginning to get that little bit longer but some of us are still enjoying a late blast of sunshine – what better way than to settle down and listen to the excellent Danish trio døssing who are signed on Danish record label BlikFlak For someone who may not have discovered your music […]

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Nordic New Music: Danish country music artist Henrik Johannessen

In this edition of our Nordic new music feature, we speak to Henrik Johannessen about the release of his new album and learn about the Danish country music scene! NW: To someone who may not have discovered your music yet, how would you describe your sound? HJ: I would describe my sound as singer-songwriter influenced […]

Nordic New Music: dumb kitsch

Finnish artists dumb kitsch release their new single ‘Killing It’ today – we learn some more about them and what we can expect from next. Tell us about yourselves, who you are and where did the name come from? We are Eveliina Heikkala and Ronja Chydenius from Helsinki, Finland. We met in high school and […]

Meet Danish record label Blikflak’s new artist Jaden Castro

Our good friends Blikflak are excited about a new release from their artist Jaden Castro. Jaden’s new single ‘Starz’ is released today and sees the record label introduce us to an artist who has come all the way from Connecticut to beautiful Aarhus in Denmark, where he now resides. Sighting such influences as Kendrick Lamar, […]

Nordic New Music: Naah

Swedish artist Naah follows up her last single ‘Goodbye My Darling’ with new single ‘Better Than Love’. She talks to us about the track, her music and more. For those that may not have discovered you yet tell us about your sound? My sound is pretty fluid, but I would say alt-pop describes it best. […]

Nordic New Music: NÜ FIONA

It is a new month and time for some more Nordic New Music – this time we discover Nu Fiona and get to speak to one of the bands members, Malte, about their new single ‘For the Ones I Love’ which is released today. For those that may not have discovered your music yet how […]

Nordic New Music: MALMØ

More new music and this time in the form of MALMØ on the excellent Integrity Records. Her new EP is entitled ‘The Inevitable End’ we found out more about the Danish singer and what she has planned. Firstly for those that are not familiar with your sound, how would you best describe it? I get […]

Nordic New Music: Oliver Dengsø

Danish artist Oliver Dengsø released his new single Lion last week and today sees the release of an exclusive live video recording of the track. Oliver is signed on record label Blikflak which has some fantastic artists on it including MAKE and Svaneborg Kardyb who we have covered in the past. We spoke with the […]

Nordic New Music: Linn Koch-Emery

To someone who has not heard your music before how would you best describe it?  Dynamic, personal and modern guitar-indie. Melodic, big, funny and emotional.  Your new album ‘Being the girl’ is finally released – tell us about what your approach was in terms of the theme of the album?  I never been able to write […]


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